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Bitcoin ETF Rejection Reinforces Faith in Cryptocurrency
  When SEC announced the rejection of Bitcoin ETF, a huge drop in Bitcoin price was expected. But nobody expected a sudden recovery soon after. Read [...]
Texas Lawmaker: No Government Shall Prohibit Bitcoin
  The lone star state of Texas has always been well-known for its stance on constitutional rights. On March 2, State Representative Matt Schaefer [...]
PR Decentralized: How Dash Succeeded in DAO-Powered Public Outreach
  Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies functioning off Blockchain distributed ledger technology operate in an open-source environment without [...]
Evolution Versus Revolution
  The word revolution comes from the latin revolutio, meaning a turn around. It could mean a modification of an existing constitution, or a complete [...]
Dash Price Rises Exponentially, But Is it a Bubble?
  The cryptocurrency Dash has seen a significant price spike over the past couple of weeks. Dash even acquired the cryptocurrency market [...]
A Framework for Valuing Crypto Tokens
  Sid Kalla is CTO at fintech firm Acupay, and a freelance journalist specializing in financial technology, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He has [...]
Wall of Coins Integrates Dash As It Surges to Number 3 Cryptocurrency, All-Time Highs
  Wall of Coins has integrated support for privately buying Dash over-the-counter for cash, as well as for Africa-based MobileMoney, as Dash surges to [...]
Markets Update: The Top Ten Altcoins Then and Now
  While bitcoin’s price cracked a new all-time high of US$1,220, the top ten alternative cryptocurrencies also got a lift from the spike. The rise in [...]
London Scene Round Up: PutinCoin vs. TrumpCoin, Satoshi’s Pedicure & More
  Our London Correspondent Nick Ayton, the sage of Shoreditch summarizes another great few weeks in the fintech capital. ICOs remain the investment [...]
BitConnect Cryptocurrency Exhibits Steady Growth
  BitConnect, the young cryptocurrency is showing steady growth within a month of its successful ICO. BitConnect Coin (BCC) is following on the path [...]