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Golem Rises Almost 100 Percent Overnight, Now Number 11 on CoinMarketCap
  In a fairytale style of success, one of Ethereum’s first tokens, Golem has risen almost a 100 percent overnight. It is now ranked number 11 on [...]
Bitcoin Community Alert: How Scammers Monetize Traders’ Fears and Greed
  With every innovative technology come those who seek to take advantage of its users. Unfortunately, the Bitcoin ecosystem is not exempted from this. [...]
90 Percent of Altcoins Won’t Survive But Bitcoin Is Sustainable
  Altcoins are springing up on a daily basis, you might have noticed that they appear pretty regularly in the lists of CoinMarketCap. However, [...]
Malware Alert! A Banking Email That Steals Cryptocurrencies
  The cryptocurrency community is currently under threat! A new malware is reportedly making rounds on the internet, infecting computers and stealing [...]
Cagecoin Rises 30,000%, Hits Top 10 Market Caps, Disappears
  Cagecoin, a Dogecoin-esque altcoin creators say is “powered by Nicolas Cage,” shot up in value by over 30,000 percent in 24 hours, briefly hitting [...]
Best Ways to Maximize Profits While Bitcoin Price Marches Upward
  In these volatile, but markedly bullish markets, it’s easy to think that you are a trading genius as you collect profits. However, are you actually [...]
Can You Go to Jail for Trading Bitcoin? Russia is Still Deciding
  On Jan. 26, the center for innovations and technologies Digital October in Moscow hosted a conference dedicated to the Regulation of [...]
Bitcoin Price Will Skyrocket If It Becomes World’s Reserve Currency by 2020
  The knee-jerk approach of governments around the world towards Bitcoin and Blockchain leave room for a lot of questions. The actions of the [...]
UK-based Blockchain Compliance as a Service Firm Ready to Go Global
  Our London Correspondent Nick Ayton caught up with CEO Pawel Kuskowski to be the first to hear the new expansion plans for the UK-based [...]
Russia Considers Allowing Use of Cryptocurrency in the Unbanked Region of Crimea
  Russian Internet ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev suggested allowing the use of cryptocurrencies to residents of Crimea. In his opinion, legal entities [...]