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To Apply for Alaska Bitcoin Licence, Fork Over Your Fingerprints
  Cryptocurrencies are in a gray zone when it comes to legislation in many parts of the world. In the United States, the situation can vary from state [...]
Russia, Japan Consider Joint Digital Currency For Kuril Islands
  Russia and Japan may introduce a joint digital currency for residents of the far eastern Kuril Islands. According to reports highlighted by Russian [...]
Public vs. Private Blockchains, Govtech, Bitcoin Adoption: Tallinn Conference Aftermath
  The cryptocurrency industry is developing with incredible scope, no wonder entrepreneurs are seeking to occupy certain niches to meet demands of the [...]
Bitcoin Falls to Lowest Share of Cryptocurrency Market, Altcoins Surge
  Bitcoin’s scaling fight has led to a record low in its percentage of cryptocurrency’s total market cap as investors hedge with top altcoins. As its [...]
Hard Fork Rhetoric Sparks $1 Bln Cross-Crypto Trading
  The 24 hours from March 17 – 18 produced over $1 bln in trading volumes across cryptocurrency, likely the most ever recorded. Erik Voorhees, [...]
Bitcoin Users at Risk in India, Reserve Bank Reluctant to Take Actions
  There has been a steady gain in interest in Bitcoin in India. India Today pegged the rise of the Bitcoin user base in India by 250 percent since the [...]
Cross-Border Business Payments Leader Gets $25 mln Funding from GV
  Currencycloud, a company that specializes in helping businesses make payments across geographies, has raised $25 mln in Series D funding from GV [...]
US Fed Governor: Digital Currency Could “Make It Easier To Hide Illegal Activity”
  The US Federal Reserve has again warned of the risks associated with digital currencies, this time focusing on security “trade-offs” for central [...]
Terrorist use of cryptocurrencies is not a major risk
  That’s the message from David Carlisle, formerly of the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, in a [...]
Cryptocurrency Exchange Yobit Investigated in Russia on Fraud Claims
  Russian telecommunications regulator Roskomnadzor has opened legislative proceedings against cryptocurrency exchange Yobit, alleging fraudulent [...]