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R3 Makes a Habit of Sending Cease-and-Desist Letters to Bitcoiners
  R3 is making a habit of sending cease-and-desist letters to bitcoin journalists and developers. R3 first gained notoriety for bringing together 70 [...]
R3 Rebuts Claims Blockchain Research Was Money Wasted
  The managing director of “Blockchain-inspired” startup R3 CEV has hit back at criticism it spent millions of dollars on research into Blockchain [...]
R3: ‘Corda Is Not A Blockchain And We Didn’t Say It Was’ As Critics Take Aim
  In a recent blog, “When is a blockchain not a blockchain” R3 noted that its Corda product is a distributed ledger and not a blockchain, and that it [...]
  Northern Trust and IBM have released what is being called the first commercially deployed blockchain-based solution for finance. But is blockchain [...]
Corda and the Distributed Ledger Technology
  Piotr Piasecki is a master of science and a double bachelor in the field of computer science and informatics. He is currently an Advisor for the [...]
Inside ‘Spark’: Circle’s New Bitcoin-Powered Smart Contract Platform
  If you needed another sign that we’re living in a multi-blockchain world, Circle’s latest product reveal might have been it. [...]
R3’s Corda Code Debut Draws Mixed Response
  R3 released the code for its Corda distributed ledger platform earlier this week, and market observers were quick to weigh in. The Corda codebase [...]
Corda Blasted as R3 Fail Funding Goals
  Several multi-billion dollar banks including Goldman Sachs, Santander and Morgan Stanley have officially left the R3 blockchain consortium, an [...]
R3 Releases Code for Distributed Ledger Tech Corda
  R3CEV, the startup behind the world’s largest banking consortium focused on distributed ledger applications, has made the code for its Corda [...]
R3’s Corda More Like Bitcoin Without Blockchain Says Peter Todd
  When it seems like opening its Blockchain to all is the right thing for R3 consortium to do, considering all that it has endured in the month of [...]