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Bank of England Launches Fintech Accelerator, Partners With PwC on Distributed Ledger Project
  In a speech prepared for the Lord Mayor’s Banquet for Bankers and Merchants of the City of London at the Mansion House, Mark Carney, governor of the [...]
Radical Changes Are on the Way for Investment Banks
  For a glimpse of the future of investment banking, just look at the recruiting section of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.’s website. It lists 123 [...]
Bitcoin Reaches a Crossroads With the Scaling Debate, Not a Crisis
Judging from various reports in the media over the past year, Bitcoin is in a serious crisis that threatens its very existence. Longtime Bitcoin developer [...]
MIT Panel: Democracy Is Antithetical to What Bitcoin Represents
Day one of last month’s MIT Bitcoin Expo featured a panel discussion on various improvements to Bitcoin that are either currently in the works or already [...]
Blockstream’s Johnny Dilley: We’ll Eventually Have an Adaptive Block Size Solution
The Crypto Show recently interviewed Johnny Dilley, who runs strategy atBlockstream. Dilley shared his views on the future of Bitcoin’s block size limit, [...]
Jonas Schnelli on Why Elected Officials May Not Be Good for Bitcoin
Bitcoin Core contributor Jonas Schnelli was recently featured in a panel discussion about improvements to Bitcoin at the 2016 MIT Bitcoin Expo. During the [...]
New Bitcoin Core Update Rolls Out Various Changes
Bitcoin Core v0.12.1rc2 has been tagged on GitHub. This “minor version release” contains several updates to the Core protocol, “including the BIP9, BIP68 [...]