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PayCommerce Founder: “It’s Time for Blockchain Use Cases to Be Proven and Come to Market”
  While 2016 was the year of firms and governments experimenting with blockchain technology, 2017 should be the year we see use cases being proven and [...]
China probes bitcoin exchanges amid capital flight fears
  Investors doubt cryptocurrency can facilitate large-scale asset transfers   Chinese regulators have taken steps to ensure bitcoin is not used [...]
Report: Chinese Regulators Exploring Bitcoin Connection to Capital Flight
  Though details are currently scarce, Chinese regulators are reportedly looking into the use of bitcoin to avoid capital controls. According to [...]
Chinese Government Will Scrutinize Even More Capital Outflows Moving Forward
  This news will undoubtedly send more shockwaves throughout the Chinese economy moving forward.   In an unsurprising turn of events, the Chinese [...]
Chinese Government To Force Capital Controls On Bitcoin Exchanges
  It is likely the recent Bitcoin price surge attracted a lot of attention from the Chinese government. There has been a lot of speculation regarding [...]
Bitcoin Price $800 Imminent; Boosted by China Capital Outflows
  As capital outflow from China continues to increase, the possibility of Bitcoin reaching $800 seems to be more than ever. Read more… Bitcoin [...]
BlockApps Expands Ethereum’s Presence in China; Announces New Funding and Key Partnerships
  Ethereum is gaining ground in China as innovators have announced key developments and partnerships during International Blockchain Week in Shanghai. [...]
Credit Suisse leads HSBC, Citi, and AllianceBernstein to develop blockchain solutions for financial reference data
  Seven financial institutions, including Credit Suisse, Citi, and HSBC, have collaborated “to explore how blockchain technology could simplify [...]
Greece Government Confident About Lifting Capital Controls Soon
  Assuming there is any truth to these rather optimistic claims, the next step will come in the form of the ECB giving Greek banks access to cheap [...]
A Venture Fund With Plenty of Virtual Capital, but No Capitalist
By NATHANIEL POPPER Olivier Stern, a 31-year-old French socialist with an appetite for risk, recently invested a third of his life savings — 10,000 euros, [...]