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Canadian Regulator: Blockchain & Fintech Needs Open Data Access for Development
  Canada’s largest securities regulator has stated that open access to data is fundamental to developing fintech solutions like blockchain technology, [...]
Canadian Officials: FinTech Collaboration Needed to Protect Consumers and Banks
  Canadian regulators and policy makers need to work together to ensure that the country maintains its FinTech development; however, it also needs to [...]
Bank of International Settlements Labels Canada as a “Recession Risk” Amid Local Real Estate Bubble
  The real estate bubble in Canada is of great concern, especially for the central bank of Canada.   Recession can affect any country in the [...]
Canadian Police Warns Public of Bitcoin Fraud Schemes
  Canadian police in the municipality of Durham have issued a notice late last week warning the public about new fraudulent schemes involving bitcoin. [...]
The Ontario Securities Commission offers clarity on Blockchain based securities
  The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) announced on Wednesday that Canadian businesses using blockchain technology in their financial products or [...]
New Regulatory Sandbox Could Boost Blockchain Tech in Canada
  The federal government is looking for ways to help blockchain startups jumpstart a slowing economy and make Canada a global mecca for the fledgling [...]
UK and Canada Regulators Sign Agreement for FinTech Expansion
  Regulators in the U.K. and Canada have signed an agreement that will assist FinTech companies, making it easier for them to expand into each other’s [...]
Banks Turn to Bitcoin Tracking in Fight Against Human Trafficking
  A shift occurred in the summer of 2015 that sent modern-day slavers flocking to bitcoin. Following pressure from Illinois law enforcement, Visa and [...]
Canada’s Securities Watchdog Seeks Blockchain Firms for Startup ‘Sandbox’
  The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), the country’s top securities regulatory, is launching a new fintech “sandbox” program aimed at [...]
Canada’s Central Bank is ‘Open’ to More Blockchain Tests
  Canada’s central bank is leaving the door open to the development of additional blockchain prototypes, according to one of its senior officials. [...]