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  [Editor’s Note: The following article is an op-ed.] This article is for general consumption, but I’m primarily intending this for all of the Bitcoin [...]
UK Becomes Surveillance State, Passes New Spying Law on All Citizen Web Activity
  The United Kingdom recently passed legislation providing the government with sweeping new surveillance powers on Internet activity, unprecedented in [...]
Bitcoin Trumps Trump, Modi, Brexit and Bolivar, Offering Investors Refuge
  Whether it is the election of Donald J Trump as the U.S. President or the Demonetization woes that are affecting India, the fastest growing economy [...]
How Bitcoin Could Have Saved UK Households $1.5 Trillion
  Amid the disastrous Brexit and rapid devaluation of the British pound, researchers discovered that a safe asset like bitcoin could have saved UK [...]
Trump Presidential Victory Could Change Financial Services
  Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump may have shocked the world after the American people elected him as the 45th U.S. President, but [...]
How Might Election Results Impact Bitcoin Price?
  Analysts have described a possible Donald Trump election victory as the equivalent of Brexit II. Financial markets were in disarray after that [...]
China Edges Closer to FinTech Top Spot; UK’s Position Threatened
  Anew report suggests that China could push the U.K. off the FinTech top spot as Chinese companies overshadow U.K. firms. The report, from KPMG and [...]
France Wants A Piece of Britain’s Financial Industry
  France wants a piece of Britain’s financial industry, and the nation says it might make a bid if Brexit doesn’t play equal in Brexit negotiations. [...]
Brexit brings headaches for regulation-weary traders
  Clearing executives are still adjusting to the slew of post-crisis reforms   Trading and clearing executives have had to work closely with [...]
Increased Economic Protectionism: Threat or Opportunity for Bitcoin?
  The slowdown in the global economy has resulted in many governments imposing protectionist measures in their countries. Could this pose a threat to [...]