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Is London to Remain Lead FinTech Hub Post-Brexit?
  Britain’s Supreme Court has ruled against Prime Minister Theresa May stating that she does not have sufficient authority to enact Brexit alone, [...]
Can London-Brussels FinTech Bridge Save FinTech Startups From Leaving UK?
  Almost immediately after the announcement of Brexit, Bitcoin and Blockchain startups started thinking of leaving Britain to other Fintech hubs such [...]
Belgium and London to Work on FinTech
  After the U.K.’s Brexit result, European countries have been attempting to overthrow the U.K. from the top position as a FinTech hub location. One [...]
Politics, Protocols and the Changing Face of Finance
  Mat Cybula is the CEO of Cryptiv Inc, a Toronto-based startup that provides enterprise-grade blockchain wallet systems that enable private-key and [...]
The Biggest Influencers of Bitcoin Price in 2016
  Can the surge continue? A review of bitcoin’s 2016 performance indicates the cryptocurrency’s fundamentals are such that the party is far from over. [...]
From Brexit to Bitfinex: What Shaped Bitcoin’s Price in 2016
  For the price of bitcoin, 2016 might have been one for the books. Bitcoin prices surged more than 80% over the course of the year, with these gains [...]
2017 — The Year UK FinTech Goes Mainstream
  Brexit has created uncertainty. How does the UK maintain its lead? 2017 is the year when UK FinTech must go mainstream. Uncertainty is slowing down [...]
  Demand for Bitcoin seems to be on the rise again in many countries throughout the world as the global economy shows many signs of self-destruction. [...]
International Banks are Threatening Britain to Slow Down Brexit
  Big banks are threatening to ship British jobs overseas and cripple the economy if the nation’s Treasury fails to slow the nation’s exit from the [...]
Brexit Fears Sees London Banks in ‘Advanced Stages’ to Move to France
  France’s market regulator has said that leading banks in London are in the advanced states of moving their operations to Paris, amid Brexit fears, [...]