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Does Sweden See an Opening with Brexit to Boost FinTech?
  Since the announcement of Brexit many European countries have been attempting to benefit from the U.K.’s eventual removal from the EU. The latest [...]
UK FinTech Funding Bounces Back in Q4 2016
  U.K. FinTech startups raised $173 million across 16 deals in Q4 2016, an increase of $95 million from Q3, according to a report from CB Insights. [...]
Why Bitcoin ATMs are Becoming Increasingly Redundant
  Bitcoin ATMs are becoming increasingly redundant. Innovative bitcoin service providers and companies are transforming existing bank and public ATMs [...]
Canadian Bank Nova Scotia Boosts Competition with New FinTech Facility
  Canada’s Bank of Nova Scotia has announced that it has opened a new FinTech space designed to develop blockchain and artificial intelligence in the [...]
Study: 18-34 Age Group Optimistic Over UK Economy Despite Brexit
  A new study has found that those aged between 18 and 34-years-old remain optimistic about the British economy despite fears circulating Brexit. In [...]
Paris Looks to Oust London as FinTech Hub
  Paris has recently demonstrated that it can keep up with the big guys and could prove a threat to London’s status as lead FinTech hub. Earlier this [...]
Is London to Remain Lead FinTech Hub Post-Brexit?
  Britain’s Supreme Court has ruled against Prime Minister Theresa May stating that she does not have sufficient authority to enact Brexit alone, [...]
Can London-Brussels FinTech Bridge Save FinTech Startups From Leaving UK?
  Almost immediately after the announcement of Brexit, Bitcoin and Blockchain startups started thinking of leaving Britain to other Fintech hubs such [...]
Belgium and London to Work on FinTech
  After the U.K.’s Brexit result, European countries have been attempting to overthrow the U.K. from the top position as a FinTech hub location. One [...]
Politics, Protocols and the Changing Face of Finance
  Mat Cybula is the CEO of Cryptiv Inc, a Toronto-based startup that provides enterprise-grade blockchain wallet systems that enable private-key and [...]