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We Can Now Use Visa to Pay Bitcoin Network Transaction Fees
  For several years now Blockstream and Core supporters have been advocating a “fee market” and having full blocks all the time. Many have even gone [...]
5 Ways Bitcoins Could Be Transferred to a Sidechain
  The idea of sidechains is something that has garnered a large amount of hype in the Bitcoin community ever since the concept was first publicly [...]
“Time for Moon Not In-fighting” – Says Blockstream’s President
  Adam Back, the President of Blockstream – a company which employs or contracts numerous developers of Bitcoin Core, Litecoin and the Lightning [...]
Digital Garage Collaborates with Blockstream to Create Products for Japanese Market
  Digital Garage, a Japanese firm has partnered with Blockstream to create blockchain based products. Read more…   The Japanese internet [...]
Greg Maxwell Breaks Down Blockchain: The ‘Uncontrollable Noun’
  “The comments were spot on, but a little vague.” While bitcoin has created an economic network without a central authority, the chief [...]
Bitcoin Core Dev Recommends a 70% Reduction in Transaction Capacity after $250 Million Backlog
  Luke-jr, developer of the Bitcoin Core client and Blockstream contractor, has recommended in a developers’ mailing list Bitcoin Improvement Proposal [...]
Bitcoin Slows to a Crawl as Transactions Backlog Reaches a Quarter of a Billion Dollars
  Following the re-adjustment of bitcoin’s network difficulty after a sudden increase, a massive transaction backlog began developing yesterday, [...]
Blockstream Makes its Case for Bitcoin-Powered Private Blockchains
  Private and public blockchains, normally siloed both technologically and culturally, could become more intertwined if a new effort by bitcoin [...]
Is Bitcoin Unlimited Headed for Activation?
  During summer 2016, many thought the bitcoin scalability debate was over. Blockstream won, said a miner. Coinbase, after spending more than a year [...]
  Blockstream has released a whitepaper detailing the Strong Federations system, the foundation for the Liquid sidechain project to improve privacy, [...]