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New Regulatory Sandbox Could Boost Blockchain Tech in Canada
  The federal government is looking for ways to help blockchain startups jumpstart a slowing economy and make Canada a global mecca for the fledgling [...]
On faster payments and totalitarian systems
  In keeping with the vogue for talking up distributed ledgers, Morten Linnemann Bech, Yuuki Shimizu and Paul Wong of the BIS have a go at doing the [...]
Blockchain Integration and Collaboration Remain Banks’ Biggest Hurdles
  Banks are slowly coming around to the idea of blockchain technology compared to what many previously thought several years ago. Yet, while banks are [...]
BoJ: Blockchain Could Come Under Dark Cloud Amid DAO Hack
  The Bank of Japan’s director has said that it’s important to constantly engage in taking measures against threats made to the blockchain or else it [...]
China & Japan Lead Asian Interest in FinTech
  Asia is continuing to demonstrate its commitment to FinTech and is helping to fuel global investment in the sector, according to a report from [...]
How Russia Plans to Boost Blockchain Development Now
  A roundtable discussion is slated to take place on March 10, 2017, at the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation. An initiative of the Commission [...]
Blockchain in Financial Services Today: Where Are We Heading?
  From Goldman Sachs to Visa to Accenture, major firms across the financial services landscape have invested in Bitcoin and blockchain startups. So [...]
Deutsche Bourse Fintech Arm To Invest In Blockchain And AI This Year
  The investments to be made this year will range between 5 and 15 million EUR per company.   Blockchain is an integral part of the fintech [...]
The Latest Twist to the Block Size Debate Is Called a “UASF”
  Just when Bitcoin’s long-lasting scalability dispute appeared to have reached a deadlock, a pseudonymous mailing-list contributor may have presented [...]
Delivering a New Blockchain-Based Patient Care Model
  With promises on the part of the new Trump administration to reboot Obamacare, the U.S. healthcare system is at a crossroads. Staggering costs, [...]