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Dubai Innovation Office Seeking Startups for $20k Blockchain Contest
  Dubai’s government is on the hunt for startups to take part in a new blockchain contest, offering prizes of up to $20,000 for the winning projects. [...]
PTDL Group Researches Viewpoints on Blockchain Technology
  The Post Trade Distributed Ledger Group – ‘PTDL Group’ – made up of global banks, custodians, central securities depositories, clearing houses, [...]
Hardware Over Hard Forks: How Accenture Plans to End Blockchain’s Security Debate
  The ethereal world of blockchain tech is increasingly being tethered to more tangible, saleable solutions. As major institutions have sought [...]
Arizona’s Proposed Blockchain Gun Tracking Ban Pushes Ahead
  An effort by Arizona lawmakers to prohibit the tracking of guns using blockchain technology has now progressed to the Senate. As CoinDesk reported [...]
New Blockchain Technology Solution for Remote Voting
  Following a year of investigation and collaboration, two Boston-based companies, Voatz, Inc. and Clear Ballot Group, Inc. are announcing a [...]
Blockchain is 5 Years From Mainstream, Post-Trade Consortium Members Say
  Nearly half of the members of a blockchain consortium focused on post-trade settlement see the technology achieving wider adoption over the next [...]
Deutsche Bank Analyst: Blockchain Could Have Prevented Soros Leaks
  Reglators aren’t the only ones who might benefit by moving global financial transactions to a shared, unchangeable ledger, according to one [...]
Blockchain Firms Aim For Hedge Funds, But is There a Better Target?
  Noelle Acheson is a 10-year veteran of company analysis, corporate finance and fund management, and is a member of CoinDesk’s product team. [...]
DARPA Explores Blockchain for Cybersecurity and Other Defense Applications
  DARPA, the defense research organization is heavily invested in promoting the use of blockchain technology for military applications. Read [...]
What’s in a Name? From Bitcoin to Blockchain to Distributed Ledgers
  Nelson M Rosario is an intellectual property attorney working as an associate at Marshall, Gerstein & Borun in Chicago. He has years of [...]