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Bitfinex’s Hacked Bitcoins Are on the Move; 5% Recovery Bounty Offered
  Bitfinex has confirmed that 876.82084947 stolen bitcoins have moved with Scorechain, a Bitcoin and Blockchain compliance & regulations firm, [...]
Crypto Security in 2016: A Tale of Two Weaknesses
  Bill Shihara is the CEO and co-founder of cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex, and a former security engineer at Amazon, Blackberry and Microsoft. In [...]
From Brexit to Bitfinex: What Shaped Bitcoin’s Price in 2016
  For the price of bitcoin, 2016 might have been one for the books. Bitcoin prices surged more than 80% over the course of the year, with these gains [...]
Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex CSO: There’s a Chinese “Political Effort to Delay or Block” Segwit
  Arecent discussion between the open-source Bitcoin Core developers, which oversees the Bitcoin code, and the influential Roger Ver, who has [...]
Bitfinex Bail-In Versus Central Bank Bailouts
  Bitfinex’s “bail-in” scheme after a major theft raised questions regarding its risk and fund management. What can we learn from the recent bail-in [...]
Hacked Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex Swaps Over 20 Million Tokens For Equity
  Bitfinex has announced that many of its largest BFX token holders have agreed to exchange over 20 million BFX tokens for equity in the company, [...]
Bitcoin Price Hits $700 for the Second Time This Year
  The bitcoin price has increased by an additional $20 since our last  report and is now hovering at the $700 mark. This makes it official: bitcoin [...]
Bitcoin Price Watch: Are We About to Hit $700?
  The bitcoin price has risen by nearly $30 since our last price piece and is hovering around $650 USD. Many enthusiasts are taking the price jump as [...]
The Bitfinex Hack is Still Scaring Away Bitcoin Traders
  Bitfinex’s hack continues to cast a shadow. While the price of bitcoin had a relatively quiet month in September (one characterized by low [...]
Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex Attempts To Negotiate With $65 Million Hacker
  “We would like to have the opportunity to securely communicate with you. It might be possible to reach a mutually agreeable arrangement in exchange [...]