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Bitpay CEO on Safe Bitcoin Scaling: Soft Fork First, Hard Fork Next
  Over the past few months, Bitpay co-founder and CEO Stephen Pair has been advocating for a safe and non-contentious method to scale the Bitcoin [...]
18 Bitcoin Exchanges Say They’re Ready For A Bitcoin Split
  A group of 18 bitcoin exchanges has prepared for a possible split in the bitcoin network. The group released a statement which noted they intend to [...]
Dash Price Rises Exponentially, But Is it a Bubble?
  The cryptocurrency Dash has seen a significant price spike over the past couple of weeks. Dash even acquired the cryptocurrency market [...]
  When you’re hot, you’re hot. Many people have been asking me over the last couple of days “Where can I buy Dash?” The digital currency industry’s [...]
Bitfinex Adds Market Trading For Dash (Again)
  Exchange Bitfinex platform has added new markets for dash, the digital currency that has seen big price moves this week. The addition is actually [...]
Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex Exits Washington State In 24 Hours, Licence Problems Cited
  Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has suddenly withdrawn from Washington State following a regulatory debacle it has appeared to lose. In a notification [...]
Bitfinex Targeted in “Severe” DDoS Attack Amid Bitcoin Price Surge
  Prominent bitcoin exchange Bitfinex revealed it was struck by a significant DDoS attack late Tuesday night (UTC).  However, the denial of service [...]
Why Bitcoin and Blockchain Are ‘Relatively Safe’
  In a report by Swiss multinational financial institution Credit Suisse, bitcoin and blockchain are deemed to be ‘relatively safe’. Bitcoin has some [...]
Bitfinex’s ‘Hack Credit’ Token Reaches All-Time Price High
  Investors who lost bitcoin in Bitfinex’s high-profile August hack may be feeling more optimistic about the likelihood of recovering their [...]
Bitfinex’s Hacked Bitcoins Are on the Move; 5% Recovery Bounty Offered
  Bitfinex has confirmed that 876.82084947 stolen bitcoins have moved with Scorechain, a Bitcoin and Blockchain compliance & regulations firm, [...]