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Bitcoin hard fork – if you want peace, prepare for war
  Piotr Piasecki is a master of science and a double bachelor in the field of computer science and informatics. He is currently an Advisor for the [...]
US Cannabis industry ripe for bitcoin
  It’s hard to imagine a more unique industry than the US cannabis industry, or one that is growing and changing faster. Arcview Market Research [...]
Here’s how the tax treatment of Bitcoin is broken
  I couldn’t have put it more succinctly than this piece in the Wall Street Journal today: One complication is that the IRS treats bitcoin as [...]
Where Do You Stand on the Yin & Yang of Different Bitcoin Ideologies?
  Just recently the cryptocurrency community experienced a very hyped up psychological situation concerning the bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). [...]
Bitcoin Support Weakens As Price Drops Below $1,000
  Bitcoin prices fell below $1,000 this morning as support for the digital currency waned. Prices had hit a low of $969.35 by the time of [...]
Apple Rubbishes Breach Claims from Hackers Demanding Bitcoin and Ethereum
  Apple has announced that their system has not been breached by a hacker or hackers, after it was reported earlier this week that they were [...]
Bitcoin Has Grown beyond Volatility Issues
  Bitcoin’s volatility is no longer a factor hindering the cryptocurrency’s usage and adoption, the recent price trends have shown it over [...]
Major Banks See Massive Decline in User Base, Can Bitcoin Capitalize?
  Major banks such as Wells Fargo are struggling to deal with a rapid decline in their user and consumer base. One major factor behind the dwindling [...]
Who’s Buying Bitcoin? Demand Persists Amid Fork Fears
  In spite of speculation the bitcoin network could split into two separate blockchains, demand for the digital currency continued to remain strong [...]
With Bitcoin, the Smart Money Is Staying Put
  The Bitcoin community is abuzz with talk of an impending fork, with wildly divergent opinions as to whether or not this is bearish or bullish for [...]