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Owning any cryptocurrency
The most important rule about owning any cryptocurrency: If you don’t own the private keys, you don’t own that crypto! Do NOT leave your coins on exchanges!
Bitcoin Has Less Environmental Impact Than Fiat Currencies
The risks of environmental impact because of Bitcoin mining have been widely touted, but a recent report indicates that the actual damage from Bitcoin [...]
Over 100 ‘Blockchain Personalities’ Take 21 Inc’s Fork Survey
  This past February reported on 21 Inc’s new venture that pays email recipients for their time and offers surveys paying in bitcoin. This [...]
Freedom Cells can Leverage Bitcoin to Embrace Agorism
  Bitcoin’s decentralized nature is one of its most important features; it is the feature of freedom. This means bitcoin is not arbitrarily controlled [...]
Bitcoin Worth ‘A Few Billion Dollars’ Coming To Iran: US Analyst
  US analyst John Ubele has said Bitcoin payments could revitalize Iran’s economy and add “many jobs” across the country. In an interview with local [...]
New Rand Corporation Report Analyses Virtual Currency Vulnerabilities
  The research firm Rand Corporation has released a dedicated report into virtual currencies and their resilience to attack. Titled ‘National Security [...]
Ethereum style smart contracts are coming to Bitcoin in June
  Ethereum has gained a lot of attention over the past year or two as it became the second most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap. The platform [...]
BitBond and Bitpesa target P2P loans for African Businesses
  Bitbond and Bitpesa recently announced a new initiative offering small business loans to Kenyans, Nigerians, Tanzanians, and Ugandans. In a bid “to [...]
Bitcoin Price Analysis: What Position Are You Planning For?
  Over the past week, the Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Unlimited (BTU) discussion has reached fever pitch on social media. Based on the current [...]
Teenager Uses Bitcoin to Buy Anonymity for Bomb Threats, Faces US Extradition
  An IP address oversight led Israeli law enforcement to arrest a man suspected of using Bitcoin to make anonymous bomb threats throughout the world. [...]