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Flogging a Dead Horse? Bank of England Bets on Blockchain & AI
  Way back in 2015, The Bank of England had warned that 15 mln jobs were at risk in Britain due to robots and artificial intelligence. It would appear [...]
Blockchain News Recap With Marco Barulli: BlockShow Europe 2017 Special
  Blockshow Europe 2017 is right behind the corner. With over 500 attendees, 24 speakers and more than 20 exhibitors, it promises to be one of the [...]
Where Do You Stand on the Yin & Yang of Different Bitcoin Ideologies?
  Just recently the cryptocurrency community experienced a very hyped up psychological situation concerning the bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). [...]
Blockchain News Recap With Charlie Shrem: BlockShow Europe 2017 Special
  As we approach the highly anticipated BlockShow Europe 2017, Cointelegraph has met with Charlie Shrem, one of the twenty big-name speakers of the [...]
Second Ukraine Bank Launches Blockchain Partnership
  Fintech company Attic Lab has partnered with a second Ukraine bank to integrate SmartMoney, a Blockchain-based banking system. Bank Alyans will work [...]
Blockchain is Overhyped and Not Quite Applicable: VC Andrew Parker
  Andrew Parker, a partner at Spark Capital, a New York-based venture capital firm which transformed various early-stage startups including Twitter, [...]
$33 Trillion Sees China Become World’s Largest Banking System, Surpasses EU
  China’s banking system has officially overtaken the Eurozone to become the world’s largest, figures released this month show. Research data from the [...]
EU Cracks Down on Cryptocurrency But Fails to Regulate Traditional Banks
  European authorities have been steadfast towards regulating bitcoin because they believe digital currencies bolster money laundering and criminal [...]
Public vs. Private Blockchains, Govtech, Bitcoin Adoption: Tallinn Conference Aftermath
  The cryptocurrency industry is developing with incredible scope, no wonder entrepreneurs are seeking to occupy certain niches to meet demands of the [...]
Asian Banks Outline Blockchain Use Cases
  Financial Institutions are eager to identify the commercial opportunity that blockchain technology can offer their business and ways it can help [...]