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  Venezuela Bitcoin exchange SurBitcoin has announced it intends to start operating once more within a week. LEGAL BITCOIN EXCHANGE IN ‘AROUND ONE [...]
India’s Central Bank Tells Banks: Go Digital or Become Obsolete in the FinTech Age
  The deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India has said that banks need to go digital in the face of FinTech or they could risk becoming obsolete [...]
CoinDesk Research Releases ‘Blockchains for Insurance’ Report
  One of the world’s oldest financial products, and the $5tn industry that powers it, may be in for a change thanks to blockchain tech. That’s [...]
Northern Trust Goes Live With IBM-Powered Private Equities Blockchain
  Northern Trust revealed today it has been discreetly running what may be the world’s first functioning private equities blockchain. Custom [...]
Report: Nigerian Retail Banking Sector to see 92% Disruption by FinTech
  A report has shown that retail banking and fund transfers in Nigeria are the two biggest areas that are most likely to be affected by FinTech over [...]
The Big Mistakes Enterprises Are Making on Blockchain
  Arno Laeven is a strategy and innovation consultant at Laeven Consult, and the former blockchain lead for global healthcare giant Philips. In this [...]
Swift Reveals Future Global Payment Tech – Blockchain Not Included
  After months of testing, Swift, the interbank payments platform that connects 11,000 global banks, has formally launched the system it believes will [...]
Post-Trade Giant NSD: Blockchain ‘Useless’ If Not Legally Binding
  After nearly two years of experimenting with blockchain, the National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russia’s central securities depository, [...]
Blockchain Association of Canada: A New Vision Beyond Bitcoin
  Interest in blockchain technologies in Canada is growing rapidly as new fintech startups and blockchain ventures are launched and governments [...]
Blockchain for Capital Markets: EquiChain Unveils Working Prototype
  EquiChain, a London-based fintech startup, has unveiled a working prototype for a blockchain-powered solution for capital markets, which promises to [...]