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The Big Mistakes Enterprises Are Making on Blockchain
  Arno Laeven is a strategy and innovation consultant at Laeven Consult, and the former blockchain lead for global healthcare giant Philips. In this [...]
Swift Reveals Future Global Payment Tech – Blockchain Not Included
  After months of testing, Swift, the interbank payments platform that connects 11,000 global banks, has formally launched the system it believes will [...]
Post-Trade Giant NSD: Blockchain ‘Useless’ If Not Legally Binding
  After nearly two years of experimenting with blockchain, the National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russia’s central securities depository, [...]
Blockchain Association of Canada: A New Vision Beyond Bitcoin
  Interest in blockchain technologies in Canada is growing rapidly as new fintech startups and blockchain ventures are launched and governments [...]
Blockchain for Capital Markets: EquiChain Unveils Working Prototype
  EquiChain, a London-based fintech startup, has unveiled a working prototype for a blockchain-powered solution for capital markets, which promises to [...]
South Africa’s Financial Power Players Are Going All-In on Blockchain
  South Africa’s central bank, its central securities depository (CSD) and several of its largest banks came together yesterday to chart a [...]
Bitcoin Exempt from UAE Central Bank’s Ban on Virtual Currencies
  On January 1, 2017, the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) published a new framework covering digital payments in the country. According [...]
Not Yet ‘Do or Die’: Experts See Slow Road For DLT in 2017
  In the wake of 2016’s ever-escalating blockchain hype, 2017 has given way to sometimes dire predictions about the industry’s prospects [...]
Meet the Ex-Banker Using Ethereum to Take On Traditional Hedge Funds
  In the world of hedge funds, the old adage really is true: you have to have money to make money. The barrier to entry for an individual investor is [...]
Blockchain as a Geopolitical Tool
  Noelle Acheson is a 10-year veteran of company analysis, corporate finance and fund management, and is a member of CoinDesk’s product team. [...]