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Australian Government Regulator Has Questions for Blockchain Adopters
  The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has released an information broadsheet on blockchain technology today. The sheet contains [...]
Bitcoin Mining: A Closer Look Under the Hood
  Bitcoin mining is an integral part of the cryptocurrency’s infrastructure. The operation helps process transactions, creates new bitcoins and [...]
SETI@home Project Enables Bitcoin ASIC Miner Hardware Support
  Using Bitcoin ASIC hardware for the folding project may not persuade a lot of people to switch the miners back on, though.   A lot of people [...]
Smaller Pools Are Diversifying the Bitcoin Mining Industry
  Bitcoin mining has become an advanced competitive market alongside securing the network. Over the years the mining sector has changed significantly [...]
Pros and Cons of Starting Bitcoin Mining Farm, No More Child’s Play
  By now you understand everything about what Bitcoin is and how it works, you’ve been buying and selling it vigorously, and every time you discover a [...]
Is Bitcoin Mining Destined for Data Centers?
  For many, Bitmain’s recent announcement of the realization of a major data center in northwestern China served as a reminder of the level of mining [...]
14nm Chips Will ‘Re-Decentralize’ Mining, Says Antonopoulos
  Bitcoin expert Andreas Antonopoulos explains why faster mining chips and slamming into the Moore’s Law “wall” will be “a very good thing” for [...]
ASIC and Singapore Collaborate on Fintech and Bitcoin Regulation
It is worth noting how Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the IMF, personally invited Mr. Medcraft. Both parties met up earlier this year as the [...]