Entrex Market Index and Overstock Provide Capital Market System for Entrepreneurs

February 15, 2017 - Bitcoin, Blockchain
Entrex Market Index and Overstock Provide Capital Market System for Entrepreneurs


The Entrex Capital Market System has announced that the Entrex Market Index, or EMI, has made its first series of investments into entrepreneurial companies, via the patented, tradable, revenue-enhanced, debt security, called TIGRcub®. Entrex, along with – a majority owned subsidiary of focussed on the development and commercialization of fintech based on blockchain technology – offer a Capital Market System for Entrepreneurs with a place to find, research, track, manage and trade securities of the entrepreneurial sector.

Stephen H. Watkins, CEO of The Entrex Capital Market, commented: “Similar to Nasdaq’s Composite Index, Entrex created the Entrex Market Index to offer a monthly revenue index to track indexed revenues of the entrepreneurial sector,”

The Entrex Market Index offers a mix of entrepreneurial, cash-flowing companies focused on the $5-$250 million revenue companies. Private or Public Companies can choose to raise capital utilizing the TIGRcub® Security Regulation D exemption utilizing the Entrex Capital Market System – offering its TIGRcub® Security across a syndicate of regulated placement brokers – creating an Initial TIGRcub® Offering process similar to an Initial Public Offering process. Each TIGRcub® Issuing company can sell up to 10% of its TIGRcub® Offering to the Entrex Market Index offering investors a diversified basket of revenue enhanced monthly yield investments across the entrepreneurial, cash-flowing sector.

CEO of tØ, Joe Cammarata remarked: “Through innovation and transparency of tØ’s technology platform and ledger, TIGRcubs® will continue fuelling the entrepreneurial market sector. We, at tØ believe that TIGRcubs®, the EMI and the Blockchain offer a unique capital market offering for alternative investment opportunities,”

tØ’s Technology Platform & Entrex Capital Market System have simplified how investors and brokers will be able to offer capital to local entrepreneurial companies. The TIGRcub® simplifies investing in companies while presenting monthly cash-flowing yield to investors by providing enhanced yield through revenue participation. Entrex provides a capital market system for investors to find, research, track, manage, and trade the TIGRcub® Securities via its eChain – the transaction and trading ledger for TIGRcub® Securities.