Follow the Leader: Analyzing Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Price Correlations
  Is there a correlation between the price movements of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and crypto assets? The answer to that question varies quite [...]
ShadowCash and Umbra Are Dead, Reborn as P2P Marketplace Particl
  Privacy-centric cryptocurrency ShadowCash absorbed the entire development team of CloakCoin after they abandoned ship back in 2014. Now, the [...]
Russia, Japan Consider Joint Digital Currency For Kuril Islands
  Russia and Japan may introduce a joint digital currency for residents of the far eastern Kuril Islands. According to reports highlighted by Russian [...]
New Partnership Enables Dash Users to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency at Banks
    Dash has partnered with Wall of Coins, a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange, to allow users to exchange the cryptocurrency for cash at financial [...]
  You may not think about it during your everyday life and you may forget about it for months or even years. Then you start thinking about it – false [...]
Ripple Prices Surge to 4-Month High
  The price of XRP, the native currency on the Ripple network, surged overnight, climbing to its highest total in more than four months. XRP reached [...]
LEOcoin Wallet Illustrates Privacy Feature in Newly Released Screenshots
  The makers of LEOcoin have now released a series of screenshots of their new upgraded wallet; the privacy feature is also illustrated in one of [...]
Dash Finds Natural Niche at 10 Units Per Bitcoin
  The past week has seen Dash rise to equal 10 tokens per Bitcoin for the first time in its history. The historic boundary was crossed on March 18, [...]
Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and online gaming
  Alongside the Statue of Liberty the iconic yellow cabs of New York City are recognized worldwide as an emblem of the great metropolis. Today these [...]
ZrCoin crowdfunds first ever commodities option on the blockchain
  WAVES, the permissionless blockchain platform, is pushing a commodity-backed cryptographic token (ZrCoin) which is based on Zirconium Dioxide, a key [...]