G20: Blockchain Essential to Build Inclusive Transparent Digital Economy for All
  Blockchain holds the key to building an inclusive digital economy that is secure and transparent for the globe’s citizens, according to a new G20 [...]
Blockchain Academy Partners Satoshi Centre to Boost Bitcoin Education in Botswana
  The South African-based Blockchain Academy is to collaborate with the Satoshi Centre to drive bitcoin and blockchain education in the African nation [...]
Three pre-blockchain planetary networks: Visa, DNS, and Sabre/Amadeus
  Trent McConaghy is founder & CTO of BigchainDB, the scalable blockchain database. In the past, he designed AI algorithms to help drive [...]
Nets Partners With Blockchain Analysis Firm to Fight Dirty Bitcoins
  COPENHAGEN — Danish electronic payments provider Nets will cooperate with anti-money laundering software developer Chainalysis to help banks [...]
Gold on the Blockchain: How Two Blockchain Startups Are Digitizing Gold Investments
  Digitizing traditional securities and physical assets has become a new area of interest for investment-focused fintech startups. Turning physical [...]
Blockchain News Recap With Charlie Shrem: BlockShow Europe 2017 Special
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Second Ukraine Bank Launches Blockchain Partnership
  Fintech company Attic Lab has partnered with a second Ukraine bank to integrate SmartMoney, a Blockchain-based banking system. Bank Alyans will work [...]
MetaX Launches Blockchain Digital Advertising Supply Chain Solution
  MetaX is bringing blockchain technology for the digital advertising ecosystem. The MetaX platform allows the digital advertising supply chain to [...]
Blockchain A Potential Significant Enabler for UK Solar, Says SolarCoin Co-Founder
  The blockchain presents the opportunity of becoming a ‘potentially significant enabler’ for U.K. solar, according to SolarCoin co-founder Francois [...]
Australia Post Joins Alibaba to Use Blockchain in Counterfeit Food Crackdown in China
  Australia Post has announced partnerships with Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce company and Blackmores, a prominent Australian natural health [...]