Monthly Archives: January 2017

IoT Meets NFC In Zerado’s New Blockchain Prototype
  While banks have been busy performing experiments with blockchain tech, London product consultancy firm Zerado has already built a prototype for an [...]
A Plan to Scale the World’s First ‘Sports Blockchain’ is Accelerating
  A Taiwanese insurance company is building a network of blockchain protocols to help its customers reduce the price they pay for coverage. The [...]
Weekly Bitcoin Volumes Cross $1 Million in Nigeria, Raises Speculations
  Weekly Bitcoin exchange volumes in Nigeria crosses $1.3 million, multiple reasons speculated behind the rise. Read more…   The demand for [...]
Argentina Banks Introduce 1% Cash Deposit Tax For Enterprises
  Rest assured this news will cause public outrage all over Argentina.   The financial situation in Argentina is slowly starting to get out of [...]
IMF Warns About Greece’s Explosive Debt Situation
  Financial instability in Greece may eventually drive more people towards alternative financial solution.   According to the IMF, Greece has a [...]
Moscow holds conference on cryptocurrency regulation
  The conference brought together state officials and business representatives to share their views on the legal status of cryptocurrencies in Russia. [...]
Google Cracks Down on “Fake News,” Bans 200 Publishers from Using AdSense
  Google has begun a crackdown on “fake news” sites, removing hundreds of publishers from using its advertising platform. In a blog post from late [...]
Bitcoin Price Finds Stability As Market Factors In China Crackdown
  Markets have factored in the fee imposition by Chinese exchanges so we are entering a period of Bitcoin price stability. Chinese exchanges started [...]
Why 2017 is Crucial for Banks to Prove Blockchain Tech’s Worth
  Prominent research organizations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) have made ambitious predictions over the past year and outsold Blockchain [...]
Kim Dotcom: Megaupload 2 Delay Due To ‘Failed Merger’, Bitcoin Price Affected
  Kim Dotcom has revealed the reason for delaying his Megaupload 2/ Bitcache unveiling was due to a failed merger with a Canadian company SecureCom. [...]