Monthly Archives: December 2016

London Scene Last 2016 Roundup: Insurance Markets Embrace Blockchain, Satoshi Spotted
  Insurance markets embrace Blockchain, a team of Blockchain experts offers consultation – this is one side of the CT London Scene Roundup, the [...]
Beppe Grillo’s Bitcoin Blockchain: Truth or Joke
  The Bitcoin Blockchain has countless and the most different use cases, from finance to real estate, from copyright management to assurance. Now, [...]
Want to Be a Millionaire? Two Main Rules of Bitcoin Investing
  Who wants to be a millionaire? That could possibly lead to a cheerful chorus of “me” almost anywhere. The only other question that might get a [...]
Roger Ver: 2017 Will Be the Best Year for Bitcoin
  With Bitcoin price rising like an eagle, albeit a slight slump on Christmas, it ricocheted back impressively heading to $1000. In fact, next month [...]
Up for Grabs: Hidden Bitcoin Treasures in Streets of Barcelona
  Christmas is here and it certainly feels that way. In alignment with the spirit of giving, two Bitcoiners originating from Barcelona decided to gift [...]
John McAfee to Make Email Systems Great Again With Blockchain
  As the world goes through the digital era, more and more content has been put online. This has resulted in numerous data breaches across the globe, [...]
SLUSH 2016 Gems: Blockchain – The Holy Grail of FinTech
  Not so long ago people did not understand what the Internet was. Those who did not have an Internet strategy in the late 1990s were probably on the [...]
DOJ lawyers argue Coinbase customers can’t challenge the IRS’s summons
  On November 17, the IRS filled a “John Doe” summons targeting transaction records of prominent bitcoin company Coinbase’s bitcoiners registered [...]
Bitcoin Price Poised to Go Higher
  Bitcoin is being held back by the 2nd arc of the 5th arc pair on the 8-hour chart. To get a better idea of how the market is respecting the setup, [...]
Bitcoin in 2016
  2016 was a year of growth for Bitcoin compared to last year, both in price and infrastructure. Bitcoin has retained its title of best performing [...]