Monthly Archives: October 2016

Chinese Government Hosts Blockchain Conference
  The Chinese Government is taking a new look at blockchain technology’s promises. Its new approach became clear this week when it hosted the two-day [...]
Storj Partners With Heroku as Marketplace Add-on
  The Storj team has expanded the beta-testing of its platform by implementing the Heroku cloud Platform-as-a-Service. The team announced the news on [...]
Using Blockchain to Fight the Fake Diploma Nightmare
  Fake college diplomas and other credentials are a huge problem in this age of professional-grade copying and printing services. However one smart [...]
Making Sense of Hillary Clinton’s Bitcoin Rejection
  For Hillary Clinton’s campaign, accepting bitcoin was “too libertarian”. That’s what we learned last week when it was [...]
Why Israel’s Banks Will Unite Over Blockchain
  This opinion piece was written by Roy Keidar and Yuval Shalheveth of Israeli law firm Yigal Arnon and Co with the assistance of Ahuva Goldstand. In [...]
Cryptocurrency Startups Are Hackers’ New Favorite
  Hackers are increasingly targeting cryptocurrency startups running on specific blockchains. Read more… Cryptocurrency platforms have been the [...]
A Five-year-old Could Have Bypassed PayPal’s Account Authentication
  It is very troubling to realize one could access someone’s financial account without answering the security questions. The most commonly used online [...]
Medicinal Genomics Puts Mary Jane on Blockchain
  With marijuana legalized in most of the US states, weed farmers are getting their strains tested with Medicinal Genomics and getting the results [...]
Bitcoin Users Need To Be Aware Of The Dirty Cow Android Exploit
  Multiple versions of Android are vulnerable to Dirty Cow, regardless of device manufacturer.   Even though mobile devices are becoming more [...]
Moody’s Warns The World About Deutsche Bank’s Default Point
  To put this into numbers people can understand, Deutsche Bank’s market leverage ratio is 96%. This makes them one of the world’s riskiest banks to [...]