Monthly Archives: September 2016

GlassHunt Will Not Reimburse Double-Spend Tool Users Affected By Hack
  The GlassHunt Double Spend Tool was exploited through an SQL hack. The assailant broke into the company database and seized close to US$5,000 worth [...]
Banks Fall Over Themselves in Race to Integrate Blockchain Technology
  This news comes at the time when experts assumed adoption of distributed ledgers was still five to ten years away. Once again, the so-called experts [...]
Nigeria Gives a Thumbs Up to Remittances; Could Bitcoin Help?
  While the CBN may be open to the idea of remittances, there is no evidence they are considering bitcoin as a potential financial source.   The [...]
BitFury Lightening Network Successfully Tested with French Bitcoin Company
  French Bitcoin technology company ACINQ has successfully tested and implemented leading Blockchain technology company Bitfury’s algorithm solution [...]
Why Bitcoin is Failing to Take Over the World
  As far as leading the digital currency revolution, Bitcoin just isn’t getting it done. Ryan Taylor of Dash sees why Bitcoin is failing to take over [...]
Keep Your Bitcoins: Central Bankers’ Bubble Will Burst Very Soon
  Like the Dot-com and housing bubbles, Central Bankers’ bubble is presumed to break very soon. Once it does, independent currencies like Bitcoin will [...]
With Its Unbanked Majority, Bolivia Can Gain Much From Adopting Bitcoin
  A country with a high-rate of the unbanked, a large informal economy and a tumultuous history of inflation sounds like a perfect scenario for [...]
Stanford to hold blockchain conference in 2017
  Stanford University is officially hosting and sponsoring the event “Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering 2017”. Its main objective [...]
Russia’s Biggest Bank Joins the Hyperledger Blockchain Project
  The Linux Foundation-run Hyperledger Project will see a new member join the ranks, in Russia’s largest bank (by assets) Sberbank. The  Hyperledger [...]
Bitcoin Price Slowdown
  Bitcoin price continues trading above support as 4,000 CNY and $600 holds. Slowing price action implies an imminent ramp-up in volatility, yet [...]