Monthly Archives: September 2016

Blockchain Sets a New Standard for Health Record Operability, Says New Research Paper
  A new research white paper, How Blockchain Technology Can Enhance EHR Operability, jointly published by Ark Invest and Gem, makes a thoughtful case [...]
Zcash founder Zooko Wilcox: ‘Privacy in a blockchain – that’s our whole thing’
  The Zcash blockchain is currently running on a testnet and will go live on 28 October   The San Jose Bitcoin Conference in 2013 was one of [...]
BitFiniti: Industry Meets Blockchain in Miami
  This October, a new kind of blockchain conference will debut in Florida. BitFiniti aims to take blockchain from “behind the veil” and showcase the [...] Launches New Telegram Channel is growing, and aims to be the number one hotspot for all things Bitcoin. Now, the news team has created a new Telegram channel that [...]
UBS Reveals Blockchain Prototype for Streamlining Global Trade
  Swiss banking giant UBS has unveiled a project designed to replicate the entire lifecycle of an international trade transaction on [...]
Inside Bank of America’s New Microsoft-Powered Blockchain Project
  Microsoft has been digging deep into the data created by its $120bn treasury unit in search of real-world use cases where blockchain could cut [...]
Why Rabobank’s Blockchain Cross-Border Tool Isn’t Just a Database
  Dutch multinational bank Rabobank today announced a cross-border payments tool built on Coin Science’s multichain distributed ledger. [...]
Regulators Block Sale of Bitcoin Miner Avalon
  A deal that would have seen Chinese manufacturer Shandong Luyitong purchase bitcoin mining hardware firm Canaan is no more. The deal is said to have [...]
UK Dependency Adjusts Laws for Digital Currency
  The government of Jersey is pushing ahead with its previously announced plans to regulate digital currency exchange activity. Authorities in the [...]
MMM Global Ponzi Scheme Now Infects Nigerian Investors
  MMM, the Ponzi scheme run by Sergey Mavrodi now claims Nigerian investors, following its success in defrauding those from South Africa and Zimbabwe. [...]