Monthly Archives: August 2016

EU Parliament Rep Seeks €1 Million for Blockchain Research
  A member of the European Parliament is proposing that €1m ($1.1m) be spent on a task force that would focus on studying digital currencies and [...]
German Consumers Flock To Cash As Faith in Banks Reaches new Low
  Most of the Germans feel the European Central Bank is to blame. They feel the ECB is igniting eurozone inflation with negative interest rates. [...]
Helsinki to Become Scandinavia’s Fintech Capital, Blockchain Hub
  Nordea, a financial services group in the Nordic and Baltic region, continues its hunt for AI and blockchain breakthroughs. Later this year it is [...]
What We Learned About Technocratic Fallacies From DAO Collapse
  The DAO, the first leaderless investment fund which operates on code for reaching consensus in decision-making, is championing for the supremacy of [...]
Bitcoin 0.13.0 May Change Bitcoin Forever
  Remember Windows Vista? The new Coke? An upgrade is not always a good thing until it is a good thing. Yet, without making changes and testing, [...]
Brexit May Send the EU “Down the Drain”, Good For Bitcoin
  The Vice-Chancellor of Germany has stated that the future of the EU might be in jeopardy if Brexit is not handled properly. Sigmar Gabriel said [...]
Blockchain Mythbusters on Why It Needs More Clarity, not Publicity
  Following his TED talk, the co-author of Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World says [...]
Truly Yours? What keeps the bitcoin social network from being launched
  Recently, a number of coin-based content publishing platforms have been accused of running Ponzi-like token distribution schemes. The long-awaited [...]
Keza App Relaunched, Enabling Bitcoin Investing In U.S. Stocks
  Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI) has acquired the bitcoin-powered Keza app which allows users to invest in mainstream U.S. stocks, and has [...]
Former CIA Analyst Says Terrorists Utilize Bitcoin to Boost Funding
  A former counterterrorism analyst for the CIA has found that terrorists are utilizing innovative technologies to boost their funding, one of which [...]