Monthly Archives: June 2016

For Ether Investors, All Eyes Remain on Divisive Fork Debate
  The price of ether, the native currency that powers the blockchain platform ethereum, sank yesterday following an Ethereum Foundation blog post that [...]
Specter of Ethereum Hard Fork Worries Australian Banking Group
  Everywhere the ethereum community looks for a solution to the collapse of The DAO, obstacles lay in its path. After news yesterday that a proposed [...]
Chinese Yuan Devaluation Fails to Fuel Bitcoin Price Rally
  The connection between the Chinese yuan and the price of bitcoin appears to be weakening. Despite assertions that macroeconomic fears in China are [...]
Are AML, KYC and Other Regulations Really Important for Bitcoin?
  Is it really necessary to implement AML and KYC regulations for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Read more…   There has been some [...]
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Predicts Economic Crisis
  The global financial ecosystem has been very brittle even before the previous financial crisis hit. While some countries are showing signs of [...]
Bitcoin Heaven on Earth – 13th Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, New Hampshire
  The Porcupine Freedom Festival, or PorcFest, might be the most Bitcoin-friendly festival in the world. The week long festival, put on by the [...]
Deutsche Bank Wary About DAO Incident, Continues to Explore Blockchain
  Deutsche Bank sees The DAO incident as a timely reminder of the importance of testing products before they are unleashed. In 2014 Deutsche Bank [...]
Bitcoin Goes Mainstream in India, South Asia As Merchants Get Bitcoin Payment Processing
  Delhi-based Bitcoin trading platform Coinsecure and US-based Bitcoin payment processor,BitPay partnered to enable merchants in India to accept [...]
How Investors Can Protect Themselves Against Bitcoin Scams
  To safeguard themselves from scams within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, investors must avoid being greedy, be logical in their analysis of [...]
CoinTelegraph Product Review – Hide My Ass! Online VPN Service
  Using the Internet is a right, or a privilege, that many people take for granted. Many apps, social networks, and search engines collect user data [...]