Monthly Archives: June 2016

Ethereum-based APPII works with Open University to verify academic records on blockchains
  Blockchain-based careers platform APPII, is working with the Open University to build out a platform that can register and verify student academic [...]
China Signals a New, Accepting Approach to Digital Currencies
  China’s government has signaled that it is warming up to digital currency with a new proposed civil law that may recognize people’s legal right to [...]
The Securities Law Implications of the DAO Hack and Proposed Ethereum Hard Fork
  The top five blockchain crowdsales bore out of the Bitcoin 2.0 movement have raised more than a quarter-of-a-billion dollars in “initial coin [...]
Blockchain Technology: Making Smart Guns Smarter spoke with Blocksafe CEO Kevin Barnes, whose startup brings blockchain and P2P networking to smart gun technology. This solution has the [...]
Princeton University Unveils New Bitcoin Texbook
  Educating the world on Bitcoin and blockchain technology is a top priority to grow the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Princeton University has revealed a [...]
SatoshiLabs Partners with Tech Bureau Bringing Trezor to Japan
  Fintech company Tech Bureau, located in Osaka, Japan, announced that its subsidiary, bitcoin exchange Zaif, has partnered with SatoshiLabs to help [...]
Peter Todd Urges Boycott of Bitcoin ‘Deterioration’ Proposal BIP75
  Both Peter Todd and Andreas Antonopoulos have voiced their distaste for the latest Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP75)’s know-your-customer (KYC) [...]
This A16z Startup is Building a ‘Virtual Galaxy’ for Bitcoin Nodes
  Some have said that bitcoin can be thought of as digital property, akin to a kind of virtual gold. If so, this description then raises the [...]
Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust Moves Filing to BATS Exchange
  The Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust is no longer attempting to list on Nasdaq, according to an SEC document filed today. After three years of waiting for [...]
Why Ethereum Needs ‘Dumb’ Contracts
  Daniel Cawrey is head of communications at Velocity, an autonomous derivatives project utilizing smart contracts and built on the ethereum [...]