Monthly Archives: May 2016

Great blockchain expectations disclosed in Dubai
  Seven blockchain projects specialising in everything from diamond trade to health records and promotion of tourism have been presented at today’s [...]
Russia’s Ministry of Finance: bitcoin ban bill to be reintroduced in August
  According to Alexey Moiseev, Russian Deputy Minister of Finance, the draft law on cryptocurrency ban will be updated but the Ministry is keen to [...]
Grow big or perish: The short lifespan of blockchain startups
  Bitcoin has died 102 times. This is the (mock) statistics provided byBitcoin Obituaries. Similarly to bitcoin, numerous blockchain startups see [...]
Launch of DAO may be postponed due to security reasons
  One of the curators of The Distributed Autonomous Organisation is calling for a temporary moratorium on the activity of the investing platform due [...]
BTCC Launches Limited Edition Titanium Physical Bitcoin
The limited edition BTCC Mint V Series Physical Bitcoin is a collector’s dream. These highly secure, exclusive physical bitcoin are now for sale on [...]
Central Bank Governor: Kenya Not in a Hurry to Adopt Bitcoin
According to the Governor of Central Bank of Kenya, the country should not hurry to adopt digital currency. Read more…   While almost every [...]
Kaspersky Labs: Bitcoin Involved in 3% of All Online Scams
Over one in five people lost over US$1,000, which goes to show how enticing and convincing some of these scams can be.   The Internet is a good place [...]
Fix Cut Set to Push Yuan Low; Bitcoin Bubble Continues
  Over the past few days, there has been a growing demand for Bitcoin by Chinese investors. The Bitcoin price has surged because of this situation, [...]
Banks Can’t Afford to Ignore Bitcoin’s ‘BitTorrent Effect’
  Today, major banks are touting their mobile banking apps as the next best thing. But are these “innovations” or just renovations on the proverbial [...]
New 4MLD Directive Could Hurt E-Money Business in Europe
Money laundering and terrorist financing remain the top two concerns for financial regulations to this very day. 4MLD, a new regulatory directive, will [...]