Monthly Archives: April 2016

Decentralised courts and blockchains
In the beginning, there was the promise that blockchain-supported smart-contracts could disintermediate the powers that be and replace them with a [...]
Bitcoin and Ethereum: Not Competitors, Future BFFs – Andreas Antonopoulos
Bitcoin and Ethereum: Not Competitors, Future BFFs – Andreas Antonopoulos Somewhere along the way, the digital currency ecosystem came to the [...]
Does the Lightning Network Threaten Bitcoin’s Censorship Resistance?
The Lightning Network may well be Bitcoin’s primary solution to the issue of scalability, but many skeptics believe there are unresolved issues with this [...]
Algorithmic Improvements Give Bitcoin Mining an AsicBoost
Timo Hanke, a mathematical researcher and cryptocurrency expert, in collaboration with Sergio Demian Lerner, a renowned security expert, has developed a [...]
IBM Launches Blockchain Cloud Services and Releases Hyperledger Code on Bluemix
IBM today announced a new framework for securely operating blockchain networks, as well as new services on the IBM Cloud that meet stringent regulatory and [...]
New DCG Advisor Larry Summers Wanted to ‘Kill the $100 Bill’ recently dropped a story about Western Union investing in Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group. Additionally, one of the new advisors [...]
New Japan Blockchain Association: We Have the Best Contacts
Japan now has two new industry groups to support digital currency and blockchain business in the country, following the launch of the Japan Blockchain [...]
Elephant: An Ethereum-Based Platform That’s Ready for Mainstream
A new crypto-project called Elephant ( plans on making the smart contracts platform Ethereum available to the masses. The intention of the [...]
What does Western Union Want With Digital Currency Group?
The future of cryptocurrency seems to be solidified more and more every month, with the growing interest in Bitcoin technology all over the world. Bitcoin [...]
Overview of Coinbase’s Security in Brian Armstrong’s Words
Brian Armstrong, the CEO and founder of Coinbase explains about some of the security features enabled by the platform in one of his blogs. Read more… [...]