Monthly Archives: February 2016

Australian central bank could issue its own digital currency
At the Payments Innovation 2016 Conference in Sydney earlier this week, the Head of Payments Policy from the Department of the Reserve Bank of Australia [...]
PwC Employs Former UK Regulator to Lead Blockchain Tech Effort
To consider blockchain technology’s implications for the financial services industry, PwC has hired Patrick Spens, a former UK regulator, hedge fund [...]
Microsoft & IBM Weigh in on the Battle Between Private and Public Blockchains
As business giants and governments are moving to explore Blockchain, the distributed ledger system that is behind Bitcoin, Microsoft is to build a [...]
Blythe Masters: Wall Street Has Advantage Over Blockchain Startups
Blythe Masters, CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, discussed the potential business impact of blockchain technology at an event sponsored by Women in Fintech [...]
Royal Bank of Canada Reveals Blockchain Trial With Ripple
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has revealed it is working on a new proof of concept (PoC) for distributed ledger-based remittances using technology offered by [...]
Payments Players Move on Blockchain Tech in Industry Shake-Up
Amid a steady stream of positive news, incumbent payment companies are quickly launching products and services incorporating blockchain technology. To [...]
JPMorgan Tests Blockchain USD Transfers for Months Between London & Tokyo
The largest US bank, JPMorgan Chase, has for months been testing proprietary blockchain technology to make US dollar transfers between London and Tokyo for [...]
Japan Considers Regulating Bitcoin as Currency
Regulators in Japan have reportedly proposed treating digital currencies like bitcoin as methods of payment, a distinction that would make them legally [...]
IMF Vouches for Virtual Currencies While Rift Threatens Bitcoin
The International Monetary Fund extolled the potential benefits of virtual currencies and said they warrant a more nuanced regulatory approach, at a time [...]
Anticipating Disruption in Financial Services
Research conducted by the World Economic Forum and led by Deloitte Global demystifies the seeming randomness of disruptive innovations in the financial [...]