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Ross Ulbricht Reflects on Life in Prison; New Proof of Evidence-Tampering by Law Enforcement
  Today, in a breaking development, Ross Ulbricht’s defense team has revealed that on November 18, 2013, someone logged into accounts on the Silk Road [...]
Regulatory Pressure Forces BitLendingClub to Close
  Bitcoin-based P2P loans company BitLendingClub has officially announced its closing operations. The startup announced its departure via its blog, [...]
Finland’s Central Bank Explores Blockchain Technology
  Last week the Bank of Finland joined the growing list of worldwide central banks interested in blockchain technology. Finland’s central bank, [...]
Inside Fintech Seoul Reveals Full Conference Program
  Rising Media, and 3DR Holdings recently announced the full program lineup for this year’s upcoming Inside Fintech event in Seoul at [...]
What the IRS Summons Will Mean for Coinbase Users
  US-based Daniel Winters, M.S. Taxation, is the owner of Global Tax Accountants and a specialist in bitcoin and cryptocurrency taxation. Winters has [...]
Bitcoin Prices Surge Past $770 But Fall Just Short of 2016 High
  Bitcoin prices neared $780 during the week through 2nd December, coming within 1% of the 2016 high of $781.31 reached in June. The digital currency [...]
2016 Holiday Shopping Fraud Report Shows Bitcoin Remains Most Secure
  In the end, it goes to show traditional payment methods suffer from a lot of security issues.   During the 2016 holiday weekend, global online [...]
The Italian Constitutional Referendum May Drive Bitcoin Demand
  Tomorrow’s Italian Constitutional Referendum may turn out to be a good thing for Bitcoin, irrespective of the outcome. Read more…   [...]
Bitcoin May Receive a Boost under Pirate Party’s Government in Iceland
  The Pirate Party of Iceland may form the government under power-sharing agreement after negotiations between various parties fail. Read more… [...]
ViaBTC Launches Free Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator
  Including these requested transactions in the next network blocks free of charge is a strange decision, though   ViaBTC, the largest mining [...]