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The Bitcoin Store Helps ‘Shibes For Socks’ Program
  The Bitcoin Store is pleased to announce a charitable partnership with the Dogecoin community called the “Shibes For Socks” project. By working with [...]
Big Changes Coming Within the Chinese Bitcoin Exchange Realm
  There’s a lot of changes happening with Chinese bitcoin exchanges lately in light of the recent central bank inspections. Last week the top three [...]
QE and Capital Controls Create Worldwide Demand for Bitcoin
  Bitcoin had an incredible run in 2016, finally breaking $1,000 USD on New Year’s Day 2017. Many people are curious to find out why significant [...]
Samourai Wallet Launches New Privacy Feature Ricochet
  The developers of the privacy-centric bitcoin wallet, Samourai, have announced a new feature that claims to “improve fungibility and frustrate [...]
Blockchain for Journalism: How a Big Funding Idea is Starting Small
  Journalism funding is in crisis. As the industry shifts to digital and its meagre click-based ad revenues, something in the model needs to change if [...]
Blockchain Wallets Are Coming (Maybe Soon) to a Car Near You
  An ethereum wallet for every car? It’s no secret cars have become more connected, but a new concept from a trio of big-name institutions is [...]
German ZIT Goes Undercover to Catch Darknet Vendors and Buyers
  ZIT, the German cybercrimes investigating agency is known to conduct routine undercover operations to catch darknet users indulging in sale and [...]
Blockchain Gets a Special Place in the Fintech Prediction for 2017
  A leading tech publication has published its predictions for Fintech industry in 2017. Blockchain technology to emerge as a driving force behind the [...]
mBTC Trading May Come To BTCC Exchange Shortly
  One issue this change could resolve is how most people assume they need to own a full bitcoin to become part of the ecosystem.   A lot of [...]
Bitcoin Core 0.13.2 Download Triggers False Virus Warnings
  Baidu labels the Bitcoin Core 0.13.2 client as a WisdomEyes Trojan, even though that is not the case.   Cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to [...]