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Op-Ed: Investing in Bitcoin and Blockchain Startups: Can You Survive an Interest Rate Hike?
  At a recent Bitcoin meetup in Hong Kong, a serial bitcoin/blockchain angel investor gave a talk. His investment framework consisted of investing in [...]
Augur’s REP Garners Solid Community Support Ahead of Platform Launch
  Following months of speculation, Augur’s digital token Reputation (REP) was launched on October 4, with the core product platform slated to go live [...]
Pentagon $1.8M Deal to Use Blockchain for Data Security
  The United States Department of Defense has signed a $1.8 million partnership with two tech firms, to study Blockchain use in securing sensitive [...]
Ledger Nano S Review: Why I Threw Out My Paper Wallet
  I finally decided to ditch my paper wallet for something a bit more sophisticated after spending a week with the Ledger Nano S.   Paper is Too [...]
Physicians Say Blockchain Healthcare Ideas in Need of Exam
  While there’s a lot of hype over blockchain in healthcare, some who work in the industry say that the product pitches so far are little more than [...]
Cryptocurrency Index Funds: Can They Beat Bitcoin’s Returns?
  Willy Woo is a New Zealander with 15 years experience founding multiple startups. He’s also an angel investor, traded derivatives during the [...]
Bitcurex Exchange Shuts Down Unexpectedly And Announces Restructuring
  While some Bitcoin community members see this as a “curtain call” for Bitcurex, that doesn’t seem to be the case. It is true not alerting [...]
PayPal Users Were Unable To Access Funds During To DynDNS Outage
  While these attacks were going on, the Bitcoin network kept trucking along nicely. There were no delays in sending or receiving transactions, nor [...]
Debit Card Users Are at Massive Risk in India, Millions of Cards Compromised
  Banks are perceived to be safe by most people. The common public is wary of risky investments and tend to gravitate more towards the familiar and [...]
Synereo Partners Silicon Valley’s NFX Guild to Accelerate Decentralised Apps
  The idea of a decentralized web platform by an Israeli startup, which says it created the first prototype of a decentralized “World Computer” as [...]